la notizia è passata un po’ in sordina, anzi onestamente non ne ha parlato nessuno, ma è stata rilasciata la nuova minor release di Movable Type e per la precisione la 2.65:

A security issue has been found in Movable Type’s XML-RPC server. We suggest that all users of Movable Type upgrade their installations to fix this issue.

We have released a new version of Movable Type, version 2.65, to fix this problem. Version 2.65 also includes the mt-send-entry.cgi fix released about 1 month ago.

In addition, version 2.65 includes an Atom syndication template in the default templates, along with an auto-discovery tag in the main index template. It also includes a couple of new tags used for the Atom feeds

Inoltre è stata rilasciata un’anticipazione su come sarà Movable Type 3.0.


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