Contact me

Work with me

If you want to work with me you may need to call me for consulting, teaching and advising regarding topics such as Digital Transformation, Remote Working Strategies, Startup Advisoring (Good Practices, Technologies or Business Models), Apropos to manage your community or organize your conference or Founder Institute to submit your startup idea.

My email is and my mobile number is +39-379-1757353

If you don’t know my (and my companies) skills just take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

Ask me to be a speaker

I’m a quite skilled speaker, I can talk about the latest web technologies, entrepreneurship, lean and agile methodologies. If you would like to have me as a speaker for your next event just send me a message via Linkedin. You can find some of my latest speeches on my Slideshare account.

Fancy ways to contact me

You can find me on various social software as fullo. Usually, I prefer as first contact Twitter. My account is @fullo.

I have also a Skype account, it’s ffullone, but don’t expect for any quick reply.


As you can see I give you al lot of different ways to contact me. Please do not be nagging and remember I am free to not reply to you.