I’m Francesco Fullone, a business and sustainability designer, consultant, and mentor and investor in technology companies focusing on sustainability or social impact.

I help companies (in any stage) to better define their business propositions to create options to validate them, and I advise them to organize themselves better to reach their goals.

I founded, and contribute to Apropos, a company that helps communities, companies, and local groups organize events and workshops. If you attended an international conference about web technologies in Italy, you met me as a speaker, organizer, or attendee.

I founded companies such as Digitiamo to create NLP and AI-related products (like Zulla), Carma, to work on the next food technologies. In the past, Ideato, where I contributed to its growth for more than ten years, creating an innovative and quality reference for the development agencies in Italy.

I’m the president of the GrUSP, a no-profit association that encourages best practices in web development since 2002.

Have fun!