IBM supporta PHP

La notizia è ormai sulla bocca di tutti, finalmente, IBM si è decisa a supportare attivamente PHP all’interno di developerWorks, ed inizia a farlo con un articolo sui web services e php 5.

Access an enterprise application from a PHP script
This article shows you how to access an enterprise application from a PHP script. You may be a PHP programmer who needs to write code for a departmental Web application to access a central corporate service, exposed as a Web service. Or you may be an experienced J2EE developer who wants to know a little more about PHP and how you can use it. The example in this article is an Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) running in an IBM WebSphere® Application Server, but this article is not about how to deploy the Web service. Its focus is on how to consume the Web service from PHP, and it’s applicable however the Web service is implemented. [leggi tutto]

qualche altro articolo sul php [via php-ml]


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