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trovo e pubblico da gmail wiki:

Kendel of [email protected] writes:

“For those who haven’t noticed, if you create a label named Unread, you need no filter: it will list and bring up your unread mail.

The only current flaw is that it doesn’t refresh well: if you have three new mails, each labelled X, your X and Unread labels will show (3). However, if you read them out of your X label list, the Unread label list will show one more than you still have.

i.e., if you read one from your X list (viewing your X label) it will then show

X (2)
Unread (3)

If you read another:

X (1)
Unread (2)


Unread will refresh to (0) when next refreshed for any reason.
BUT, it’s there, and it works.”

texas critter adds: “A minor thing and once you click on any label, including “Unread”, it corrects the count.”

Tra l’altro ho scoperto che la stessa news sta facendo il giro di tutti i blog.


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