BDDO è l’alternativa pecl all’ottima DB_DataObject di pear.

DataObjects was very successful, in design terms, it provided a simple, easy method to access and manipulate data from databases. The idea behind DBDO, the next generation of DataObjects, written in C, is to take advantage of

* libgda to provide complete backend support for all databases
* faster writing to properties on fetching.
* support for multiple databases, and sources
* simpler configuration
* full introspection
* (eventually full data validation and trimming)
* A Database designer??? maybe??

unico limite? beh innanzitutto per ora funziona solo con linux ed inoltre, a detta dello stesso autore:

Building it Requires libgda (, currently from CVS, which can be a pain.

comunque rimane un ottimo progetto con molte possibilità di diventare un must!