Cercando qualche news ed informazioni su
LDAP mi sono imbattuto in LDAP-Directory Manager,
un interessante tool di configurazione/gestione
per l’ambiente di autenticazione.

Il tool è compatibile con le varie distribuzioni
basate su Debian e con Mandrake.

Ecco una piccola descrizione presa dal sito ufficiale:

Directory administrator is a smart LDAP directory management tool.
It can be used to manage UNIX users and groups, corporate address book information,
host-based access control and advanced mail routing. It’s extremely easy to install
and use, yet powerful at the same time. Along with popular software, it’s the
preferred solution for single sign-on maintenance.

Directory administrator is widely used across the world as the preferred user/group
administration tool. In fact, it is the most popular management tool for UNIX users
and groups on LDAP directory servers, having experienced more than 15000 downloads
in source form. It is also shipped in major Linux distributions, such as Mandrake
Linux 8.2, Debian GNU/Linux and Conectiva Linux. It is known to work in all major
Linux distributions, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, the BSD family of UNIX operating systems,
and on Mac OS X under XFree86/Darwin.

Directory administrator is developed by the Open-IT Project, a group of people
dedicated to research and development of IT solutions in the directory services area.
It began as a project by Manuel Amador (Rudd-O), a self-taught developer of free
software who is undergoing studies of Information Management at Universidad Santa
María and does professional Linux and computing consulting under the name Alpha Omega
Creative Solutions.


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