mozilla 1.3

è stata rilasciata la versione 1.3 del celeberrimo browser opensource!
Tra le novità possiamo citare:

Mozilla Mail has junk-mail classification. With some initial “training” the client can identify and segregate spam messages from good messages. To see more about Mozilla’s junk-mail classification, visit the Mozilla Spam Filtering page.
Newsgroup filters have been implemented.
An initial implementation of Mozilla Midas, rich text editing controls, has landed in Mozilla for 1.3. See the Midas page for more information.
Image auto sizing allows a user to toggle between full-sized images and images sized to fit the browser window. To give it a try, load a large image into the browser window or size the window to be much smaller. Now clicking on the image will alternate between auto-sized and full-sized. The feature can be disabled (or enabled) from the Appearance panel in Preferences.
Users can now “dynamically” switch profiles. To give it a try, from the tools menu select “Switch Profile…”
Find as you type, formerly known as type ahead find, has a new preferences panel (Advanced: Keyboard Navigation).
When installed, Chatzilla now has a normal Mozilla preferences panel.
Mozilla 1.3 also includes fixes for performance, standards compliance and site compatibility.
Mozilla has a new splash screen. We already know. Please don’t report this to Bugzilla. Thanks.
The RPMS for Red Hat 8.x are compiled with GCC 3.2