JSR sarà strettamente integrato a PHP! :D
Scripting Pages in JavaTM Web Applications :

There are a number of scripting languages that are being used today to generate dynamic content; notable examples include PHP, ECMAScript, Active Server Pages and others. Application developers using these technologies would like a standard mechanism to access information developed in the Java platform. This Specification will describe how to write portable Java classes that can be invoked from a page written in an scripting language, including details on security, resources and class loader contexts. The specification will cover both the case where the Java clases are instantiated in a Java Servlet container and the case of a Java VM. The specification may include a Java API that can be used, possibly through JNI, by an scripting language engine to access the desired Java objects. The specification will also describe how to package these scripting pages and Java classes, including how to bundle the scripting pages into a WAR file.

The way Java objects are represented and accessed in a given scripting language is specific to that scripting language but we expect this specification to indicate some common requirements for these mappings. The specification will be grounded in some specific mappings, which may or not be included as part of the specification.