grid: ETTK

What is the IBM Emerging Technologies Toolkit (ETTK)?
The ETTK is a software development kit for designing, developing, and executing emerging autonomic and grid-related technologies and Web services. The ETTK provides an environment in which to run emerging technology examples that showcase recently announced specifications and prototypes from IBM’s emerging technology development and research teams. In addition, it provides introductory material to help developers easily get started with development of autonomic technologies, Web services, and grids. The ETTK evolved from the package known as the Web Services Toolkit (WSTK). With the renaming of the WSTK package to ETTK, the scope of technologies included within the package has been expanded. The new toolkit consolidates related technologies from various IBM development and research labs. The demos and functions of the ETTK run on both Linux and Windows® operating systems.
How does it work?
The basic software components needed to experiment with and create Web services and autonomic and grid-related programs are provided with the ETTK. Included is an architectural overview of autonomic technologies, Web services, sample programs, utility services, and some tools (such as ReGS Autonomic Logging demo, XML Parser, UDDI client APIs) that are helpful in developing and deploying autonomic and grid programs and Web services. The toolkit also includes a fully-functioning SOAP and grid infrastructure.

ETTK includes a fully-functioning SOAP engine (Apache AXIS), and grid (Globus ToolkitTM) infrastructure.

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