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studiandomi un pò di faq sul sito di sephiroth mi sono imbattuto in amfphp:

Ubiquity, stability, and platform neutrality make PHP the perfect server side scripting language for building server side applications, handling business logic, and connecting to web services. Ubiquity, stability, and platform neutrality make Macromedia Flash MX the perfect tool for deploying rich internet front ends. Flash remoting for PHP offers a seamless connection between the flash client and php server applications.

Flash remoting for PHP enables objects in PHP to become objects in actionscript, almost magically! AMFPHP takes care of all the data-type conversions, serialization, and other client-server details. This provides a great way of connecting rich media clients with data and logic living on the server. While at the same time allowing designers to design and programmers to program.

aggiornamento delle 15.40:
in alternativa a amfphp ho trovato anche phpobject:

With PHPObject, you can call a method of a PHP class/library on your web server as if the class/library was defined in Flash itself. It takes care of your client-server connections and makes passing of variables (properties) between Flash MX and PHP easy, and thereby providing a convenient way to connect rich media clients with data and business logic residing on your server.

The library, together with a WebServicesConnectivityAddOn, also allows developers to easily consume Web services from within Flash MX.