nexus portal

se dovete amministrare molte macchine in rete (windows) nexus portal fa per voi, ecco una breve descrizione:

Nexus Portal allows you to view and control another computer across a network or the internet.

It has explorer like file transfer, Windows NT/2000 Service, the ability to end tasks on all windows platforms, reboot/restart the other computer, whiteboard, chat, encryption and more.

Controlling other computers is even easier. All the other user has to do is double click “Nexus Client” – an icon appears on your screen and you double click it.

Nexus Portal now lets you record sessions and play them back, it also shows an extra mouse pointer when the other user moves the mouse. You can also export your call logs to Excel.

aggiornamento delle 11.41
ok ho appena scoperto che nexus portal è stato sostituito da firewalker, più veloce, sicuro, etc. etc.