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anche se con un pò di ritardo vi avviso che è uscito il numero di agosto di php|architect, in questo numero:

An Introduction to cURL
Curl is one of the most useful tools in PHP’s box. You never know what you might need it for, so shouldn’t you at least know how to use it? Join Peter as he takes you on a by-example tour of Curl’s ins and outs.

Embedding Assember in PHP
Being able to embed assembly language routines into your code has long been the exclusive privelege of other high-level languages. Igor Gorelik has brought it to PHP. You might want to strap on a safety harness and a hard hat for this one, as Igor shows you how to build and use this hardcore PHP extension.

Transforming XML to PDF with the help of LaTeX
Transforming XML to PDF has traditionally been a job for XSL-FO, but Stephan Schmidt shows us a new and innovative way to make the transition using LaTeX, patTemplate, and patXMLRenderer.

Case studies in Client/Server Applications
Eugene Otto brings us another helping of socketry. With examples, the use of other tools like cron and xinetd, and some turnkey code, you should be well on your way to mastering client/server application development.

An Introduction to Ming
Last month, Seth Wilson talked about integrating Flash and PHP. This month, he explores the fully dynamic Flash world of Ming. Culminating the article with the creation of a very cool Flash MP3 player, Seth will guide you through the steps in creating full-blown Flash applications using only PHP and Ming.


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