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Creole is a database abstraction layer for PHP5. It abstracts PHP’s native db-specific API to create more portable code while also providing developers with a clean fully object-oriented interface based on the API for Java’s JDBC.
There are a number of database abstraction packages for PHP. Creole draws from experience with several of these — noteably PEAR::DB, PEAR::MDB, and ADOdb. Creole was created as a sub-project of Propel to meet specific needs that none of the available abstraction layers were able to address in a satisfactory way.

Propel provides an object-oriented solution for finding and manipulating data in a SQL datastore. From an XML schema describing your data model, Propel creates SQL definition/dump files specific to your RDBMS and PHP classes for working within your data model. Propel also performs supplemental tasks like bulding API docs (phpdoc), and creatings a TGZ of the built files.

coWiki is a free (GPL) tool written in PHP 5 which creates a collaborative website that gathers, organizes and extends knowledge. It can manage text documents and binaries, act like a weblog or organize knowledge bases such as FAQs. In many senses, it is very like a wiki. coWiki provides an easy way to maintain and discuss its documents. It also provides a fast way for qualified contributors to create content online, using a simple and easy to apply markup language without needing HTML editing skills.
coWiki is template based, multilingual and modular.


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