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Dopo l’ottimo Ampoliros i ragazzi dell’italianissima Solarix hanno creato un nuovo framework in php:

Carthag is an open source applications platform written in PHP 5, making full use of the new language features. Being distributed with the GPL license, Carthag is free to use and distribute.

Carthag’s main purpose is to bring PHP at the Enterprise level. This is achieved by using new PHP 5 OOP features, adopting the best Design Patterns and bringing some other platforms ideas (in particular Java) to Carthag.

Differently from other PHP based platforms, Carthag is designed to be used in all types of applications, even client ones, and not only as a web scripting system. As soon as PHP-GTK extension with GTK 2 support is ported to PHP 5, you will be able to even build complex client applications with GUI.

Thanks to threading (concurrent processes to be exact) and server sockets, something like Java servlet + MVC is soon to be implemented under Carthag.

A Carthag based application server already exists and it is called Ampoliros, but as of now it is under a deep refactoring phase in order to take advantage of being now based on Carthag.

Main features

* Entirely OOP
* Rigorous code organization (like Java)
* Implementation of design patterns like Observer, Factory, DAO, etc.
* Support of threading/concurrent processes
* Classes for Server Sockets
* Class loader and class autoload interceptor
* Security manager
* Database abstraction
* DAO base
* Dom/Sax Xml manipulation