php::Links(‘ FPDF ‘ );

nuova versione per FPDF, la classe php per la generazione automatica di file in formato PDF. Tra le novità:

– Image() now displays the image at 72 dpi if no dimension is given.
– Output() takes a string as second parameter to indicate destination.
– Open() is now called automatically by AddPage().
– Inserting remote JPEG images doesn’t generate an error any longer.
– Decimal separator is forced to dot in the constructor.
– Added several encodings (Turkish, Thai, Hebrew, Ukrainian and Vietnamese).
– The last line of a right-aligned MultiCell() was not correctly aligned if it was terminated by a carriage return.
– No more error message about already sent headers when outputting the PDF to the standard output from the command line.
– The underlining was going too far for text containing characters \, ( or ).
– $HTTP_ENV_VARS has been replaced by $HTTP_SERVER_VARS.