psi p2p mode

ho scoperto su un thread del forum ufficiale di psi che quest’ultimo incorpora (dalla release 0.91) funzionalità di p2p verso gli altri client psi presenti nella propria contact list. Ecco come funziona:

The p2p support is actually in Psi 0.9.1 already, and you can activate a test mode if you want. Launch Psi like this:
psi –linktest –hosts=internal_addr,external_addr –port=8000

For –hosts, you specify a comma-separated list of addresses that your computer can be reached at. Generally this would just be one address, although if you are firewalled you probably have two.
For –port, you may select any port to serve on. All connections go through this one port, which should make router port-forwarding easy for you. If you don’t specify –hosts or –port,
then you can still use –linktest, you just won’t ever be serving TCP. Note that you can still create/accept jabber p2p connections even without serving TCP, as long as your friend is serving.

Now you can right click on a contact and activate the ‘link test’ mode. This contact must also have the linktest enabled for this to work. Use the Direct mode