movable type 3? no, TypeKey!

stanotte i ragazzi di Six Apart hanno rilasciato la notizia dell’imminente rilascio delle prime beta releases di Movable Type 3, anzi di TypeKey. Così infatti hanno deciso di chiamare la nuova versione del blog tuttofare.

Starting today, we’ll be giving all of our users much more information on what to expect in Movable Type 3.0.

The official 3.0 release will contain a significant change to the existing interface that embraces web standards, usability and localization. This will also be reflected in a new set of default templates that will implement more of the best practices that both Movable Type and TypePad have become known for.

With a suite of comment management features and versatile comment registration–utilizing a centralized authentication service we’re calling TypeKey–Movable Type 3.0 will give you more control than ever before over the public face of your website. We’ve spent a lot of time planning a comment registration system that will fit the needs of different types of webloggers, and we have focused our attention on a system that will encourage registration and open communication.