gnome posticipato…

come dicevo stamani è stato posticipata l’uscita di gnome, ecco il comunicato stampa ufficiale:

As a result of the recent web server intrusion, the release team has chosen
to delay the announcement of GNOME 2.6 until March 31st.

While we have determined that none of our released sources were affected, we are showing due caution by giving the sysadmin team plenty of time to finish their investigation and restore critical services. Apologies for the delay, especially for all our friends around the world who have organised GNOME 2.6 release parties!

For further updates, please subscribe to gnome-announce-list, or watch this thread in the archives:

Many thanks to the (now somewhat underslept) sysadmin team and helpers for their swift and thorough response. Please raise a toast to them at your 2.6 release party of choice. :-)

– Jeff