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The second Release Candidate of PHP 5 is now available! This mostly bug fix release improves PHP 5’s stability and irons out some of the remaining issues before PHP 5 can be deemed release quality. Note that it is still not recommended for mission-critical use but people are encouraged to start playing with it and report any problems.

Key changes since Release Candidate 1 include:

* The Zend Engine I compatibility mode (zend.ze1_compatibility_mode) has been re-implemented to more accurately support PHP 4’s object auto-clone behavior.
* All object-oriented extensions except for MySQLi have moved to studlyCaps. This includes SQLite, SOAP, Reflection API, Ming and others.
* Implementing an interfaces and/or abstract method with the wrong prototype is now a fatal error. For backwards compatibility, re-implementing regular methods with the wrong prototype will only result in an E_STRICT warning.
* Features as described in the Release Candidate 1 release announcement
* And lots more…

For changes since Release Candidate 1, please consult the ChangeLog.