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è uscito il numero di php|architect di maggio, dove tra l’altro si parla di lybra :) , eccone comunque il sommario:

Creating Accessible Websites with PHP
Each day, developers create and maintain millions of web sites that impede access to a large demographic of potential web surfers. In the US alone, it is estimated that nearly one in five people have some type of disability or long-lasting condition. This problem doesn’t affect only disabled people—it makes sites just a little less usable for everyone. As Eric David Wiener shows you, though, making your site accessible is not difficult—you just need where to look.

Implementing Event-driven Applications with the Lybra Framework
The fast and efficient development of web-oriented software is becoming the key point for small software houses to be competitive in developing open source solu-tions for the enterprise. The event-driven approach, implemented using modular frameworks, seems a victorious path to enjoy and sustain open source projects. Author Simone Grassi takes us through the Lybra Framework, which makes event-driven web development with PHP a breeze.

The Belly of the Beast
In last month’s issue, Marco Tabini examined the structure and contents of a PDF document in considerable detail. This month, he’ll show you how to actually write a PHP library capable of opening one and modifying its contents programmatically.

Advanced E-mail Manipulation
Sending email with PHP is easy. Sending anything other than ASCII text requires reading a whole range of Internet RFC’s and remembering the key points of all of them if you want to ensure that you are doing things correctly and, when it comes to parsing and working with mail from external sources, that’s a whole big nasty mess. In this article, Wez Furlong shows you just what you’re supposed to be doing, and then look at easy ways to do it.

Got a Match?
In the final portion of his regular expression series, author George Schlossnagle examines three of the most advanced regex topics yet: complex evaluated replacements, offset capturing and recursive replacements.

Out of Context – cURL Magic without cURL
With the ever-growing popularity of blogs, news feeds and web services, more and more PHP developers find themselves in situations where they need to re-trieve remote content. While it is trivial to make simple GET requests, more com-plex needs often cause a fair bit of headache. In this article, Ilia Alshanetsky goes over the various PHP features that can significantly simplify the process of retrieving re-mote content through less common methods.