A chi interessano gli standard web?

Il web standards project ha preparato un sondaggio per tutti quelli che lavorano nelle produzioni web a qualsiasi livello di conoscenza. Ecco il testo originale tratto dal sito:

If my Gran used web standards, I’d want to know about it. Not only that, but I’d want to tell everyone I know that I know about it. I mean, what could be more fantastic?

Well, she’s dead, but that doesn’t change the fact that making good use of web standards is something to be celebrated and shared with the world. For this reason (and that of a little market research), the Web Standards Project is asking you – do you use web standards? And who the heck are you anyway?

In the biggest survey since WaSP’s inception, we are asking web designers and developers to tell us who they are, what they do and how they are using web standards. Our goal is to gather enough data to focus the Project on the key areas affecting web professionals in their everyday work. We may be grassroots, but this is one big field, baby.

The survey can be found at from now until July 8th, and we invite everyone who’s involved in web production in any capacity to come along and give us their take on web standards. (For the record, we think they’re great).