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Rephlux is a PHP based tool for running a continuous testing/build process on your project and taking action based on the outcome of your tests. It is inspired by the Java based CruiseControl. It is free software, licensed under the GNU GPL (see the file COPYING for details).

Rephlux is aimed at distributed developments and developments within larger teams. It was built for use on the development of the Web Application Component Toolkit[2], a PHP project on SourceForge, with the aim of providing something more useful than the SourceForge nightly builds.

Rephlux should be run as a scheduled job during application development. On each run:

* It checks your source code repository for changes since the last successful run – reporting on any revisions
* If changes are detected it checks out a working copy of your source code and runs arbitrary scripts that you define, followed by your test script
* It generates failure reports if your test script fails
* If the tests pass it will run user-defined scripts for eg. document generation, creating a tarball distribution, deploying the app to your server, etc.