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ZZ/OSS Installer is a PHP-based installation wizard for professional release management of modular PHP applications.

* Advanced release management based on de facto standards.
* Shortened release cycles.
* Higher reusability of software components.
* Faster software deployment.

* Runs on Windows and Linux
* Provides a Web GUI aka installation wizard look and feel.
* Allows definition of packages, applications, and distributions in XML.
* Can install httpPEAR packages.
* Automatic resolution of package dependencies.
* Ships with tools for easier development of applications and packages.
* Plugin framework for build routines (e.g. to set up or update a database from SQL dumps).
* Customization with CSS of layout for in-house products.
* Supports full, minimal or custom installation profiles.
* Can be used as installation or setup wizard.
* Installer can upgrade itself.
* Allows multiple, non-conflicting installations in single or shared hosts environments
* Sources are LGPL licensed for greater flexibility in usage