linux tecnologia

looking glass

Sun ha rilasciato la prima beta del progetto Looking Glass, il famoso window manage che funziona in un ambiente 3d.

Project Looking Glass is based on Java technology and explores bringing a richer user experience to the desktop and applications via 3D windowing and visualization capabilities. It is an open development project based on and evolved from Sun Microsystems’ advanced technology project. It will support running unmodified existing applications in a 3D space, as well as APIs for 3D window manager and application development. At the moment, existing application integration is supported for Linux platforms.

The project intends to break two boundaries — the 2D-ness of the current desktop environment and the way the desktop environment evolves. Project Looking Glass is in its infancy. We need to explore lots of ideas and possibilities. We’re releasing the Project Looking Glass code to the whole community to explore every aspect of the technology rather than restricting access to a privileged few. We believe this open development is an excellent model to pursue this exciting and vast opportunity. So, your involvement is eagerly anticipated.