phpCollab 2.5beta4

è stata rilasciata la versione 2.5 beta 4 di phpCollab, unica differenza dalla beta 3 risiede nella completa compatibilità del codice con php 5:

new version php5 compliant (from 2.5 beta 3, no new features…)

to fix some problems with the final php 5

# in library.php and setup.php
update register_globals cheat code to be compatible with php5 (super globals new syntax : $_GEt instead of $_HTTP_GET_VARS)

# in mycompany.php, editclient.php, editmessage.php, editnews.php
fix error “Using $this when not in object context” (new object model in php5, and mistake)

# in files with session_register
add/complete switch according to php version ($_SESSION instead of session_register)