php::Links(‘ phpEdit 3.3 ‘);

nuSphere ha rilasciato la nuova versione 3.3 di phpEd per linux, questa versione si caratterizza per il supporto completo a php 5.0

New version of PhpED IDE for Linux includes all new features, enhancements and performance improvements that were introduced in PhpED 3.3 for Windows. The main ones are enhanced integration with 3rd party tools; new pre-configured embedded tools like PHP documentor, HTML Tidy and CVS client; object-oriented coding support for PHP, HTML or CSS code; advanced PHP profiler; support for international character sets, including UTF-8; support for FTPS (TLS/SSL) and WebDAV/HTTPS (SSL). Additionally, PhpED 3.3 for Linux supports debugging of PHP5 scripts and includes the latest version of PHP 5.0.1. Please visit this page for more details about the product. 30-day free trial version is available here.