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problemi per mambo server

pare che l’azienda furthermore inc. abbia denunciato gli autori di Mambo Server, il famoso CMS opensource, di utilizzare del loro codice all’interno del progetto. In realtà pare che il codice sia stato sviluppato proprio da uno degli autori di mambo sotto commissione derivandolo dal software stesso, e quindi in teoria mantenendone intatto la licenza GPL. La disputa è ancora in atto ed è addirittura intervenuta la OSSI come mediatore.

Intanto gli autori di mambo hanno lanciato questo appello a tutta la comunità per richiedere i fondi utili ad una eventuale causa legale.

As you will no doubt be aware, the Mambo developers and general community have recently been under attack by a man named Brian Connolly who believes that code he paid Emir Sakic to develop was later contributed back into Mambo and that he has copyright ownership over it. We refute this claim and have provided evidence to the contrary. To this point Connolly has only referred to his evidence of copyright assignment. He has produced nothing.

While this argument about copyright, GPL, what was done or not done is better discussed in the proper forums, it has shown how bullying, mistruth, ignorance and aggression can harm Mambo and the people who enjoy it as a hobby, a livelihood and a passion.

Connolly is threatening the public with litigation and even criminal prosecution which we think is wildly reckless behaviour and resembles white collar terrorism. Miro is supporting the community in seeking legal advice regarding legal action to restrain his actions. But this is not the first time someone has abused the copyright of Mambo for their own benefit and Miro has been active in stopping them wherever possible.
We appeal for worldwide support from Mambo users and the greater technology community to help ensure the continued freedom of Mambo, safeguard Mambo developers and protect Mambo users.

We have decided to create a donation fund which will help pay for litigation and legal action to keep Mambo free. The Free Mambo fund will be administrated by Mambo Communities, a company established to maintain the Mambo Open Source Project and you can donate by clicking on the “Donate Now” Button to the right.

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