firefox 1.0RC

Today we have our first Firefox 1.0 candidate
builds available for testing. You can get these test builds from FTP.
If you’ve already downloaded 1.0 PR (the ‘feature complete’ preview)
and you’re not really interested in testing and bug reporting, then you
should probably stick with 1.0 PR for a couple more weeks and upgrade
when we release the official Firefox 1.0.

“The release candidates include about 250 bug fixes
since Firefox 1.0 PR and we’d appreciate any feedback around any of
those areas. With this release, we’re also featuring Mozilla Foundation
builds for up to two dozen locales

(slowly trickling in; if you don’t see your language, try back in a
bit). If you do find regressions from the Preview Release, please file
bugs in Bugzilla
and nominate them as Firefox 1.0 blockers using the
‘blocking-aviary1.0?’ flag on the bug. Thanks for your help in testing