firefox extension: search & edit in gmail

nuove integrazioni per gmail su firefox, la prima permette di fare una ricerca all’interno della propria casella postale su gmail:

If you look at your toolbar in Mozilla or Firefox, you will see the search box. It comes pre-installed with Google search and a few others. But you can also add your own custom ones. Instead of accessing Google or other search engines, the Gmail Search Plugin uses the built in search that Gmail provides. This means you can quickly search your email from your toolbar! Any restrictions? Yes. Firstly, you must own a Gmail account. Secondly, your browser must already be logged in (via a cookie).

la seconda estensione permette invece di inviare un link od un particolare testo evidenziato direttamente alla pagina di composizione mail di gmail (ma anche di hotmail, yahoo, horde e squirrelmail)

Makes mailto: links load a google mail compose window and adds a GMailCompose link to the context menu.


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