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è uscito il numero di natalizio di php|architect (ed io devo ancora leggere quello di ottobre, sigh):

Design Patterns: Powerful Solutions to Common Problems
Many common programming problems have already been solved. A design pattern is a formal explanation of a solution to a type of problem; design patterns are well-tested, elegant solutions that can turn good code into great code. If design patterns have always been a bit of a mystery to ou, let Devon Weller take you for a ride in the wonderful world of truly reusable code in this can’t-miss article!

Uncovering How PHP “Ticks” – Simulating Multi-tasking Using Tick Functions
So they say that PHP does not support multithreading. Well… they’re right, but it does offer something similar. Join author Michael Paul Baley as he guides you through the fascinating world of tick functions–a most-often forgotten aspect of PHP worth exploring.

Modeling Object Oriented Applications Using UML in PHP5
What is modeling? Modeling is taking an idea and turning it into art. That’s what programming is all about: taking an idea and making it into an application. Since the introduction of object-oriented programming in the late 60’s, we’ve been trying to model normal processes into applications. But how do we keep track of all this activity? Documenting code? Yes, but it takes time to read and understand the relationships among the objects. The quick way is to look at images on a diagram—after all, as author Pawel Pastuszak show us in this article, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Simplified MVC pattern for PHP Web Apps – Modularized CMSs Using Design Patterns
In this article, author Lukasz Karapuda outlines a way of rapidly developing modularized content management web applications in PHP that are based on a simplified version of the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern. His approach utilizes a Controller script, Screen classes and Data Objects based on the PEAR::DB_DataObject package. The framework Lukasz presents is easy to understand, simple to program in and makes it straightforward to document and model your applications.

Mobilizing Web Content – Write Once, Wireless Everywhere
When you get down to it, developing applications to suit every wireless device is an awesome—and somewhat intimidating—task. The incredible range of device types and form factors, as well as the lack of standards, has brought severe headaches to application developers as they have to write new code for each and every device out there. Do not fear, however—help is on its way in the form of this great article by Contect Innovations CTO Roland Schmidt!

Integrating SAP with PHP
SAP is an extremely large ERP system, which contains a wealth of information relating to the business where it is installed. SAP is marketing a number of new web-based platforms to exploit this data in web applications. These can be expensive and too “large” for your requirements. This article by Jason Simmons highlights how PHP and the SAPRFC extension could provide a cost effective alternative to these offerings.