se dovete produrre della documentazione sui vostri server provate SYDI, è veramente comodo!

SYDI is a collection of Vbscripts to help people get started with the documentation process. What it can do is to collect information from a Windows Server (SYDI-Server) or a MS SQL Server (SYDI-SQL) and present its findings in a MS Word document. This way the process isn’t so boring since a lot of information is gathered for you, another way it helps you is that you are given a general document which gives you an idea of what could be included in your server documentation. If you feel like you don’t need everything the scripts collect there are parameters which decide what goes into the word document. So if you like the output but don’t need a particular section, like printers or services you can easily remove them. SYDI has been tested with Windows 2000 and higher, Word 2000 and higher, SQL 7.0 and higher.