horde 3.0

anche se con un poco di ritardo pubblico:

horde 3.0 December 23rd, 2004. After three years of development, the Horde Project released the next major versions of the Horde Application Framework and another five applications. Horde 3.0, IMP 4.0, Turba 2.0, Ingo 1.0, Chora 2.0, Kronolith 2.0, Nag 2.0, and Mnemo 2.0 are immediately available for production purposes.

The project team wishes to thank everybody who contributed to the project through code submissions, translations, testing, bug reports, donations, answering questions on the mailing lists, marketing, and warm words.

If you installed the new Horde version, or if you already run an older version, please take a few minutes and enter the survey at