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GTF – Mentoring time

I love teaching, I love to share my (little and far to be perfect) knowledge to someone else and see how he/she can re-elaborate and evolve it. Every year, in this period, I have a class on entrepreneurship to a bunch of high school students and every year I’m amazed on how young minds can approach problems.

Time by time I helped young entrepreneurs with their startups and, following this path, last winter I participate as a mentor to the Founder Institute’s Rome session. It was a very nice experience and it enden being mentor (and investor) for

I’m in love with lean startup methodologies and, when needed, I facilitate the transition to them for my clients. That’s why I was really happy when I was contacted to be involved in a mentorship session for the Lean Startup Machine chapter in Milan.

Lean Startup Machine (LSM) is an intensive three-day workshop where entrepreneurs and innovators use Lean Startup principles to validate ideas for new products or services. This three-day event will run from September 20th, 2013– September 22, 2013 and will offer local innovators the chance to test their ideas with some of the same methodologies that have been used by Dropbox, Facebook, and Zynga.

Throughout the weekend, participants will be put through a very intensive process. One that will push entrepreneurs to new limits and will surely shatter some perspectives on what is capable. Participants will be coached by investors, international entrepreneurs, and the Lean Startup Machine team on how to apply the methodology.

Lean Startup is a methodology that was made popular by world renowned author Eric Ries. The methodology has been known to save entrepreneurs time that would be otherwise be wasted.

The number 1 reason why startups fails is because they build products that no one wants…Lean Startup Machine helps entrepreneurs avoid this pitfall by building things that customers actually want to use and will buy.

Participants from diverse backgrounds are all welcome! This workshop is for dreamers, innovators, optimizers, designers, intra-preneurs and business entrepreneurs alike.

Please visit to view our mentors, schedule and learn more about Lean Startup Machine.

Will you participate?