php 5.1.1 rilasciato

Non sono passati neanche 4 giorni che php 5.1.1 viene rilasciato per coprire alcuni grossi problemi di compatibilità aperti dalla versione 5.1.

* Native date class is withdrawn to prevent namespace conflict with PEAR’s date package.
* Fixed fatal parse error when the last line of the script is a PHP comment.
* eval() hangs when the code being evaluated ends with a comment.
* Usage of \{$var} in PHP 5.1.0 resulted in the output of {$var} instead of the $var variable’s value enclosed in {}.
* Fixed inconsistency in the format of PHP_AUTH_DIGEST between Apache 1 and 2 sapis.
* Improved safe_mode/open_basedir checks inside the cURL extension.

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