eZ Components

Ne ho già parlato, ma pare che sia stata rilasciata la prima beta ufficiale (ed entro fine mese ci sarà la versione stabile).

eZ components is an enterprise ready general purpose PHP platform. As a collection of high quality independent building blocks for PHP application development eZ components will both speed up development and reduce risks. An application can use one or more components effortlessly as they all adhere to the same naming conventions and follow the same structure. All components are based on PHP 5.1, except for the ones that require the new Unicode support that will be available from PHP 6 on.

  • Designed for enterprise PHP application development
  • Open source and licensed under the New BSD license
  • Clear IP rights
  • Thoroughly documented
  • Developed, supported and maintained by eZ systems

For information on some of the technical aspect of how the library is build-up, see the eZ Components technical details page.