Moving to London

this is my 2014 april fool!

In the last year I struggled to find the opportunity to create something new, and to give a better chance to my family to prosper in a different (better?) ecosystem.

Luckily, sometimes, we reach our goals.

I’m moving to London to for a new intrapreneurship adventure with ideato.

Giordano, Cristiano, Uberto just wait for me. There.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

3 replies on “Moving to London”

Great move! I’ve been squatting Ideato offices in Italy when I was there visiting my parents; now I’ll be able to squat London based Ideato offices. I need just to convince my parents to relocate in London, in order to have an excuse to go there. Please, find an office near Victoria station, so I can get some decent food at the nearby Google office and eventually bring you back a doggy bag, sometimes.

Quando arrivi? Io sto a Londra fino a fine maggio e proprio da quelle parti!

Come t’ho detto stamattina in privato, apprendere che era il tuo April’s Fool annuale non mi ha risollevato l’umore “nivuro” –come direbbe Camilleri– che una tua mossa in tal senso m’ha provocato.

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