di tutto un po'

A new year, a new conference

Every year I try to raise my daily job participating to the organisation (and/or creation) of new conferences.

Last year I dedicated a lot of my time to BetterSoftware and Kerning (do you know that the 2014 edition of Kerning will be awesome?) and this year I’ll try to bring some not-so-typical topics in a not-so-typical venue.

The conference is named Blank Disrupt, it is organised by a non profit association called Blank (where I’m involved as a member with ideato) and it will be held in Catania, Sicily .

This is no time for searching incremental innovation. The challenges Mankind is facing do not leave any more time. We need disruptive changes. In order to heed new opportunities, putting new tools in action, we are in the need for gamechangers. We have to produce new systems, with new rules.

All this is already happening. And it is what we’re all about.

– Blank Disrupt intro

Blank Disrupt will be held on March 28th (workshops day) and 29th (conference day), in the beautiful town of Catania and the conference stage will be at Benedictine Monastery of “San Nicolò”. As for Kerning we choose to use a gorgeous location, like the Monastery instead a plain hotel/conference center. It is a unique place that tells about the human and historic events of the city on the slope at the foot of Etna, from the ancient times until today.

9 great speakers, relevant innovators in industry will cover all the topics related to innovation from disruptive organisations to methodologies boosting innovation, disruptive technologies and game-changers for business models.

I hope you’ll join me in this (new) adventure :)