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The Big Crunch spec document

We are all quite familiar with the Big Bang theory, not the TV serie but the astrophysical thing, from a single instant we have a big explosion and life, universe and everything were created [ok, it’s a little more complex, but who cares?].

Lets try to use the big bang metaphor for our normal (web)work. We start with a single idea and then we have to expand it exponentially adding customer validation, ux design, frontend and backend development, community management and everything is needed to fulfil the scope of the idea.

The Big Crunch is just the opposite. We start with a complex and expanded system and then, little by little, it will be condensed in a single, unique and clear point.

Time by time some customers send me a “Big Crunch Spec Document“.


Specifiche funzionali

Come scrivere le specifiche funzionali del proprio software? Una prima guida ce la da Joel Spolsky, un’altra la trovate su DevShed mentre su MojoFat c’รจ un tutorial completo ed esaustivo.

Ultimo suggerimento, i diagrammi con Dia vengono proprio bene ;)