Small steps for a better (conference) Environment

GrUSP's intro intro

I’m not speaking about the (development) work-environment, where the themes such as inclusivity and diversity are the topics that we endorse and work on since our first steps.

I’m talking about the Environment itself, the one capitalized.


phpDay, jsDay and Kerning 2014 three awesome recaps

This year we had, with the GrUSP, the budget to create recap videos for phpDay, jsDay and Kerning.

The three of them were amazing conferences and I’m very satisfied of the job we’ve done, I hope these videos express all our efforts.

Take a look at the videos.

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Fixing the Agile Silos

Today I had the chance (aka enough free time) to see the “Lean Startup Meets Design Thinking” video from the Google for Entrepreneur channel.

One of the most important concept of the video, with Eric Ries and Tim Brown, is IMHO the Ries’s digression about the modern (agile)companies.

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My 2013 summary

This (awesome) 2013 ended. It was a great year for my work, my hobby (conference organizing) and my family.

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from June 2012 to June 2013: a recap

I’m, more or less, 2 months late about this recap… but it took me a loooot of time to find some will to finish it… :)

I spent 2012 testing new business opportunities, and the 1st semester of 2013 was spent refining those business model.

The startup business for ideato performed quite well, we helped a good number of startups both with advisoring and code and I became mentor for a couple of them. Sadly DraftQ shuts down, but Oltretata is, still, alive (we also participated to three edition of SMAU, won a prize and we are working on a nice pivot) and we create a new MVP for the Makers market from a Manuel‘s idea. It’s still a growing, and risky, market but I’m really enjoying it.